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"I am stuck with 'Checking for Update' screen while updating my iPhone to the iOS 11. My friend told me it is because my device is jailbroken. Please suggest any alternative to OTA update. I really want to update my iPhone to iOS 11." This is true! If your device is jailbroken, you can experience a hard time while updating to the new system When you jailbreak a Fire Stick, do you have to still pay Yes you do. Jail breaking in this context means downloading apps which are not in the Amazon app store. As you are aware, Amazon by its own choice does not play well with Google, so the Google store is off limits to the Fire Stick. There are other 10 Pros and Cons of Jailbreaking Your PS3 Just like the iPhone users have to wait for Dev-Team to release patch for every new firmware before upgrading jailbroken iOS devices, similarly PS3 users also have to wait. Only the frequency of release of patches is slow. The latest version of PS3 firmware is 3.61 while only firmware up to version 3.55 have been jailbroken so far. Am I secretly Jailbroken?? | Apple iPhone Forum

When you jailbreak a Fire Stick, do you have to still pay

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