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IPsec VPN between FortiGate and DrayTek | DrayTek Feb 26, 2016 L2TP and IPsec (Microsoft VPN) L2TP and IPsec (Microsoft VPN) This section describes how to set up a VPN that is compatible with the Microsoft Windows native VPN, which is Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) with IPsec encryption. The following topics are included in this section: Configuring IPsec VPN with a FortiGate and a Cisco ASA Configuring the FortiGate tunnel phases. In the FortiOS GUI, navigate to VPN >. IPsec > Auto Key (IKE) and select Create Phase 1. Name the tunnel, statically assign the IP . Address of the remote gateway, and set the Local Interface to wan1. Select Preshared Key. for Authentication Method and enter the same preshared key you chose when configuring the Cisco IPsec

r/fortinet: Discussing all things Fortinet. hello first of all thanks everyone for the answers. So i just need to create a work order sheet, which demonstrates the steps of how i will be configuring Fortigate configuration using IPsec VPN for client using Forticlient.

Nov 13, 2019 · In order to create an IPSec tunnel, just log in to FortiGate Firewall, and locate VPN >> IPSec Tunnels >> Create New. In the VPN Setup tab, you need to provide a user-friendly Name. Now, In Template Type select Custom and click Next. IPSec Tunnel Phase 1 & Phase 2 configuration The network admin typically doesn't have direct access on the computers on either side of the VPN in order to initiate that traffic. I'll show you a method that can be used to initiate traffic from that network as well. Here are some basic steps to troubleshoot VPNs for FortiGate. In IKE/IPSec, there are two phases to establish the tunnel.

How to Setup FortiGate Site-to-Site IPsec VPN

Simple Remote Access IPSec Tunnel - YouTube Nov 22, 2016 Forticlient - Next Generation Endpoint Protection