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R6300 | WiFi Routers | Networking | Home | NETGEAR In this technology segment on 3 News, technology commentator Paul Spain discusses 802.11ac, focusing primarily on the NETGEAR R6300 and a D-Link device. The segment explains the key differences between 802.11ac and other current wireless home networking equipment, including its faster speeds and reduced WiFi dead spots. [TUTORIAL] Install Custom Firmware On The Netgear R7000 Mar 17, 2019

First thing I did was flash it to DD-WRT and then back to the latest stock Netgear firmware. It's not that DD-WRT doesn't function well, it's just that it's a lot more robust for my needs. All I use this for is as a gigabit switch and a wireless AP. My routing is done through a different unit, so I turned that feature off.

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Aug 28, 2013

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