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WiTopia offers free secure DNS service, true 256-bit encryption, no bandwidth or data transfer limits, and alternate ports. Other purchasing options include: WiTopia’s Personal VPN has a 30 days money back guarantee that allows you to request a refund of your money if the service was not to your satisfaction. With nearby servers in Europe, VPN. A VPN debate: WiTopia and HotSpotVPN - CNET Mar 15, 2008 Compare PureVPN vs WiTopia VPN - The Surprising Truth Both of these VPNs offer 256-bit encryption and OpenVPN, but you’ll need the more expensive Pro version of Witopia to get these and other improved functions. PureVPN provides the most for less, and has a more consistent performance across its servers. These two are similar in other areas though, which we’ll discuss below. More Info

Here is the catch, the openvpn server must push a DNS because otherwise many OpenVPN clients will not be able to open web pages until the manually set DNS servers in system's network settings. My goal is to automatically apply a default DNS server to not-technically-skilled users, while also allow skilled computer users to set their own DNS

ProtonVPN secure VPN servers are available around the globe, even for free. Check out the list of available VPN and advanced Secure Core VPN servers. WiTopia -

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How to set up VPN to use with witopia - Oct 08, 2010 VPN Service Comparison: WiTopia vs Astrill - Best VPN The Pro Plan comes at a price tag of $69.99 per year and has all the features of the PersonalVPN plan, along with additional dedicated AES 256bit openVPN servers, custom connection ports and with OpnVPN and SSL services. Both plans support a wide range of Operating Systems, both mobile (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian etc), web