IP Location lookup tool provides you information about a person's real IP address location. Either you changed your server's location, or you are using VPN and want to confirm either your active internet connection is your VPN or your home or office wifi, then this tool is best for you.

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An Internet Protocol address (IP address) is a unique number assigned to all devices (such as a computer, tablet, or phone) when they connect to the internet. IPv4 vs. IPv6 addresses Two versions of Internet Protocol are now in use, IP Version 4 (IPv4) and IP Version 6 (IPv6).

The blacklist check will show if the URL or IP entered is listed with DNSBL or SURBL systems. These systems are used by email system administrators to try and eliminate spam email messages before they reach their users. DNSBL is a Domain Name Blacklist. There are dozens of DNSBLs online, all of

How to Find Your Router IP Address in One Single Step

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